piping hot straight from the heart


My late father Amritamoy Mukherjee had a gun. It was probably Belgium make-DBBL gun.
He kept 4-5 boxes of cartridges of different version for use as per requirement. Though it was mainly kept as a status symbol, I saw its use in various bravery activities of chasing/confronting dacoits besides “SHIKAR”(hunting) on occasion of family get together in our village named AKAIPUR, dist 24 parganas, (located at a distance of about 10 KM from erstwhile east Pakistan border) and surrounding areas.
I came to know, that during the partition / demarcation of border all private owners had to deposit their gun at govt treasuries for safe custody and of course to prevent misuse. My eldest brother-in-law late Subodh .ch. Chatterjee was more like a friend philosopher and guide to my father. He, soon after the partition helped in getting the gun released from the govt. custody. Though things happened after my birth in 1944, I was too young to realise, remember and describe those events systematically/chronologically. Readers may please use their anticipatory power to acknowledge the scenario of a remote semi developed village and the social atmosphere in those days.
My father was very particular in up keeping all his possessions of various equipments/tools particularly the gun and wall clocks. As per his time schedule, a routine maintenance of all items was meticulously carried out. He would dismantle parts of Gun, clean using specified correct lubricant in movable parts. I specially took interest in his cleaning action of barrels. He had a detachable three-piece rose wood rod to clean the barrel and examining the cleanliness looking through the barrels.
As I grew old, he sometimes depending on mood, would allow me to look through the barrel before and after cleaning which used to be an exciting moment.

Being a respected and honourable person in the locality ,having social connection with most of the district officers, MLA’S/Minister (health minister Dr Jivan Ratan Dhar was his friend) together with his close association/responsibilities with the Relief and Rehabilitation work amongst the migrated refugees from east Pakistan, gave my father a pivotal personified position in various humanitarian activities including solving law and order problem and was paneled as juror in session court.
He had formulated a particular drill in case of any serious problem in our locality especially related to movement of suspicious persons/dacoits /thieves etc in nighttime. In such cases, the informer had to immediately rush and contact my father. The messenger’s duty was to sound a big GONG with wooden hammer from our rooftop. Within no time about 50-60 individuals would assemble at our courtyard with their available weapon. After giving them instruction to proceed to the place of occurrence, my father with his usual attire (Dhoti folded like a wrestler, a short kurta (FATUA) with pockets full of cartridges, a medium size knife tied on waist ,a five sell torch on one hand and loaded gun on right hand,) with two his trusted lieutenants (tribal santhals of our village) duly armed with spears, would also proceed half running to the site.Two other persons will remain in our house as guard. Every hamlet would also have guards.
My eldest Brother in law, once, observing the actual unsafe drill, presented my father with a leather shoulder strap to carry loaded gun and a leather belt to carry the cartridges.
In one such incident (I was about 10-11 years old),at dead night ,a messenger came with the information that a big gang of people are suspiciously passing through our village. The drill followed. On their return at early hours, we got the feedback. By the time our people encircled the gang, all able-bodied members have fled. Few young boys and women hiding behind bushes came on assurance and narrated their motives. They were all very poor displaced family members from East Pakistan. For their survival they used to act as labourer in carrying sack full of BETEL NUTS (SUPARI) smuggled across the border which had a profitable market in INDIA. They used to follow the mud road across our village during night hours to avoid detection/harassment. Since nothing, could be done at that juncture and on humanitarian ground, the women and boys were warned and allowed to go.

One frightening incident with that gun needs mention. One of my young cousin brothers, playfully took that loaded gun from unlocked Almirah adjacent to my father’s bed,and started threatening my sister. Since all of us were shouting, he could not understand our caution –that the gun is loaded. Suddenly and luckily, he pointed the gun upwards and fired. A big hole on the wooden beam (concrete roof support) stunned everyone to silence, which was broken by an equal thunderous frightening shout of my father followed by the PHAT—PHAT—PHAT sound of his WOODEN slipper (called KHARAM), who rushed from his KACHHARI room ( a big thatched hall ) .Rest is history, with marching order to that poor chap to leave our house after necessary doses of dressing down. To us? I am ashamed to describe.

During the Naxalite problem and the influx of Bangladeshis during liberation struggle, my father who had shifted to nearby town-Ranaghat, thought it necessary not to keep the gun at our place. After discussion, we obtained a retainer licence on my name and took the gun to my quarter at Jawaharnagar, Bhandara, near Nagpur—my working place.
It was, sometime between 1971-1973, we decided to surrender the gun. I contacted a gun dealer at Kolkata, BBD bagh,near the Lalbazar police stn. and after completion of formalities, the gun with all accessories and cartridges was handed over.
I still have one piece of the cleaning rose wood rod as memento.

 Dear father’s gun, hope you and your parts are in good shape and enjoying majestic treatment from your present owner. In remembrance of our association,I convey my 21 gun salute—boom-boom-boom——.
Your old acquaintance.


An Open Letter to Annaji

Respected Anna,
I am one of your true follower and supporter of your movement to establish a strong LOKEPAL to check and eradicate the malpractices at all level of our society especially by the political leaders. I firmly believe that once the politicians are controlled and prevented from the free access to corruption , the resulting outcome would automatically percolate down to all other members of society.

But Anna, after carefully observing the deliberate infusion of hurdles in the processing technique by the govt in liaison with all like minded associates (regional favour seeking parties) and considering the inherent drawback in establishing a mammoth infrastructure of a separate honest,impartial and capable institution ,I am afraid that the noble idea is likely in all probability will lead to the creation of a Frankenstein . Why, even one of your trusted members while delivering his address in a seminar at HYDERABAD, declared that even the judiciary in INDIA are not free from corruption. This outburst perhaps is the frustration and humiliation he suffered after the Hon HC of KARNATAKA reacted strongly on his malafide intention in the case of ex –CM.

You might have experienced that irrespective of their differences, the political circle has grouped together to stage an atmosphere of fake drama of contradictory opinion to stall the progress. A recent addition is the limitation of central govt in moving the bill within the asking rate of independency in federal structure. Another group of distracters are already in the process of naming /calling the movement as a HINDUTWA and UPPER class movement.

Having said this and fearing that the LOKEPAL been degraded to a show piece of authenticity in legalizing corruption,

I humbly submit a different proposal for your consideration, which will ascertain the objective of a clean and self regulating political system simultaneously ushering in a healthy competitive atmosphere.
Anna, you and your esteemed knowledgeable team members might have observed that the devastating floodgate of corruption /fraud related problems took its present blooming status with the formation and bargaining power of the mushrooming growth of regional political parties, on the strength of caste, creed, region and religion. The numerically weak national party in power initially behave like GANDHARI – see no evils-, and later on discard their morality and join the evils to protect their greed of power. These regional parties with NO SPECIFIC NATIONAL AGENDA and recognition beyond their microscopic area of influence thrive by extending a conditional support in lieu of open license in carrying out unethical, uncultured and uncivilized activities through their notorious members.
We have already tested the obnoxious flavour of COALITION COMPULSION.
Hence, my submission is-

(a) With immediate effect let us first make a national movement with the concerned authority like Election commission, Judiciary, constitutional experts etc to DE- RECOGNIZE all regional political parties. I hope that the existing national parties can be effectively and logically convinced to join the movement. They can effectively highlight the serious drawbacks with their experimental experience with multiple selfish groupies.

(b) Let us have only a max of three party system viz Congress,BJP & left front (both at national & state level) with their party name changed to say Liberal/progressive party of India ,Democratic party of India & socialist party of India respectively .This will take care of any back reference &/or mental barrier.

(c) All existing regional parties will have option to, permanently merge with any one of the National party.
(d) Member/s of any political party should have no right to cross the floor without resigning and seeking re-election.

(e) Any other restrictions and /or provision considered essential may kindly be incorporated for best result.

(f)Corruption & Scams stands on five pillar i.e. Compromise, concession, appeasement, adjustment& benefits. Since none of these well fare measures is quantifiable, those tools are being misused by political parties to gain cheap popularity at the cost of national unity and integrity besides creating an atmosphere of competition amongst various community to grab the benefit of the same. We should have a very specific clear and unambiguous common laid down policy. All rules and regulation required for progress and prosperity should be applicable to all citizen of India irrespective of caste, creed, region, religion. Only the Supreme Court should decide preference if any considered essential due to financial status of any particular section of community, once for all with rigid period. 64 years since independence is more than enough a period to abolish all other benefits and concession .Let us give people freedom from mental slavery/dependency and encourage them to earn their livelihood in a dignified way with self respect.

Anna, I strongly feel that once three party systems gets adapted, each one will act as a watchdog to monitor any illogical and illegal activities by the other. The ruling party will always feel the pressure of the other two parties breathing down their neck. This self-regulating and competitive healthy national movement will not only relive us free form dirty coalition garbage of insanity but will also help uninterrupted progress and prosperity.
Lastly, ANNA please forgive me if inadvertently I have crossed the limit of decency in my approach.
With regards

Jyotirmoy Mukhopadhyay

Freedom of expression =freedom of extortion.

When congress spoke person was, asked about the malafied intention of Digvijay Singh raising the issue of Batala encounter ,which stands settled in the eye of law, he remarked that everyone has right to freedom of expression. In reality, the motive was to extract maximum advantage to attract Muslim vote in ongoing election process. We have ample of evidences to highlight how the freedom of expression is being utilised by various people, to extract advantage in gaining personal/political/group benefit.
Expression is, not necessarily related only to verbal or written statement. It can be the behavioural pattern, body language and /or personal conduct in public relation
The question is can we extend usage of our diversified heritage to our public life of importance violating the stipulated norms, decency, decorum,etiqueate , mannerism and ethics ? Does freedom of expression permit Indian citizen to express things against national interest, sovereignty and unity and survive as free citizen? (As Mrs Arundhati Roy and many Muslim fundamentalist/ separatist element did, expressing their reservation about  J&K.being integral part of India).
 Can anyone expressing dishonour and disrespect to VANDE MATARAM, MOTHER INDIA /BHARAT MATA be permitted to enjoy respectful life outside jail?( As Mr KANCHA ILAIAH/Sahi Imam  does frequently). Can we tolerate any responsible VIP/Minister/Govt servant to degrade and dishonour the national respectable institution like defence and paramilitary organisation by attending the ceremonial occasion wearing LUNGI? (As our Defence and Home ministers habitually does).
How could educated Ministers of cabinet rank have the audacity to downgrade the prestige of nation in general and the vital institution under their command in particular just for the sake of satisfying their ego and with the misconception of earning cheap popularity of being extraordinarily simple?  It is NOT that they are always in LUNGI or never wears formal dresses of acceptability in public gathering of importance. It is a deliberate unpardonable irritating behaviour on their part to disgrace and downgrade the institutional profile.
 It is universally accepted  and  acknowledged that NO repeat NO person/group/ community  with any  religious attachment  can tolerate degradation /abuse of their dedicated faith, affection and respect, by anyone in the name of freedom of expression .Hence supporting/speaking in favour of HUSSIAN,RUSDIE,TASHLEEMA- for their wilful disregard / dishonour of Islamism/Hinduism, is to hurt an entire community of faith . Those knowledgeable writers/ artists had purposely violated the norms in order to earn cheap popularity and wealth by insulting a faith. Therefore, those individuals should be ready to accept any punishment mated out by the aggrieved group as a deterrent.
When educated and knowledgeable person starts doing unethical things under the cover of freedom of expression ,it turns out to be freedom of extortion and freedom of manipulation at the cost of
well earned values of civilisation.
We have experienced how certain known individuals under the cover of some NGO’s/Human right activist) move around to instigate dhrana/ protest/strike/blockage in nearly each and every new developmental project or day to day administrative matters in law and order problem (including the action against terrorist/naxalites).
Hence, the intention of our PM to conduct a rigorous checking /monitoring the mushrooming   growth of all such organisation is to expose/restrict/eliminate the INSTIGATORS/ PAYMASTERS is a welcome move and deserve full support. This must be applicable to all such agents of various political parties. A sincere move with exemplary punishment to such organisation will definitely arrest the trend. Hope our PM will start the cleansing activity from his own back yard as a role model.


I bowed my head in shame and disgrace while watching repeated TV programme in Times India channel, hosted by the self promoted universal JUDGE named Arneb Goswami ,grilling some ex generals and air chief over the issue of DOB controversy related to our present Chief of Army Staff.Most pathetic and torturous were the shabby unnecessary comments by the generals to show superiority over each other and vocabulary power. With the dignity and respect, they command over all other professions in the world, they should have refused to attend the programme, informing that they follow the dictum of Glorious Silence on controversies created by the unprincipled politicians and the greedy bureaucrats, in their dirty game of one up man ship in the corridor of power game.
The discussion cum showmanship revealed, how the most reliable, most nationalist, most dependable proud possession of our country , got trapped and bogged down to tarnish their own image by the dirty nexus groups of corruption laden administrators and legislators .
Having empowered with total control of lucrative posting, promotion, recognition, elevation and even movement of urgent top priority document related to defence purchase and up gradation in their hand, these groups have ,successfully implanted a sense of submissiveness in the mind of UNIFORMED service cadre, so much so that favouritism ,nepotism, and “MAKE-HAY-WHILE—“ attitude, is injected to the rank and file of this glorified profession which in turn facilitates enquiry related threats and subordination.
Only option left to revert to that ZENITH of professional uncontaminated and unpolluted atmosphere of acceptance, it is necessary to ISOLATE and INSULATE the ARMED forces from any civilian control. REALISTICALLY, we do not need a Defence minister to de- glorify and de-motivate the force in attending the highly decorated ceremonial parade in LUNGIs and DHOTIs. We should, automatically consider the senior most Chief of Combined defence services as DEFENCE MINISTER irrespective of the political scenario of the country.


My early days up to the school final examination (class ten board), spent in a village named AKAIPUR,dist 24 parganas in west Bengal, located about 10 km from erstwhile East Pakistan border. After clearing class four board (no longer exist) from village school (founded by my father in a land adjacent to our house), I was admitted to an institution named HARIPADA VIDHYAPITH), in a semi town (GPALNAGAR) which was about three to four km from our village. I had to walk down that distance on mud road (kachha) until I reached class seventh standard, as my height was too less to ride bicycle .At class seven one of my class mate (named –KHRITISH) migrated from East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) who was little elderly, offered to take me to school on our bicycle. To provide comfort ,my father tied a small wooden seat, covered with a pillow on the front rod of the cycle .But this comfort did not last long, as one day ,Khritish who was penalised by teacher, for being absent in the class room after Tiffin period, based on my confirmation, quarrelled and slapped me. Since I was no match in strength, I asked him leave my cycle and go by walk. It was an extremely difficult job for me to come back home pushing the cycle. Luckily, summer vacation started soon, and I took the opportunity to learn half and full peddling, crouching through the triangular structure, as riding from seat was impossible due to my height constraint
Let me go back to the actual subject matter. Perhaps, this time or a year earlier ,due to certain serious border dispute with Pakistan, heavy deployment of INDIAN armed forces was carried out at our border in West Bengal, which resulted in their occupying not only the hostels complex ,play ground and surrounding vacant places of our school, but also every available open space /vacant bldg in the town.
We had an extremely exciting period to witness solders parading, heavy artillery vehicles, tanks, anti aircraft vehicle mounted guns moving across the roads/field. Most stunning was the virtual statue like postures of the guard on duty at the entrance of each vital installation for hours without movement. We used to copy their mannerism during off period with a sense of pride. Our teachers also took every opportunity to motivate us to learn the discipline and dedication like a solder. If by chance any solder looked to us with a smile or wave, it became a day of celebration and subsequent narration to my friends and at home. In short, most of us got tremendously impressed and encouraged to be a solder of our country.
One day while we were attending class, suddenly there was a commotion with sounds of hooters ringing of bells followed by movements of columns after columns of solders on foot and truck full of solders, battle tanks. Armour vehicles etc through the road in front of our school, towards the border town BONGAON.
Immediately some enterprising students started discussing animatedly about attack by Pakistan.
Our teacher, not being sure whether to join us in watching the progress or to push us back to classroom, joined their own group and started making plan to provide shelter to all of us. Few students started crying with no tears in their eyes fearing such a glorified live show may be blurred. . After about an hour, the same scenario in reverse order took place indicating everything normal.
I am not sure about the factual reality, maybe it was a mock drill. But we the fortunate few, got a glimpse of majestic power ,the memorising unity of a giant disciplined dedicated and brave organisation, on whose shoulder rests the countries protection against enemies both from inside and outside .
As if to refresh my memory, I, while studying at college, came across the famous poem ‘The Charge of the light brigade’ by poet lord Tennyson in our English literature subject. Our professor while explaining the poem literally took us to a battlefield and infused in us a sense of three D’s i.e. devotion, dedication and discipline besides bravery and uncompromising love for their motherland, which are the main ingredients and essential qualification to be a true solder of nation. The lines—‘Theirs not to make reply, theirs not to reason why, theirs but to do and die, into the valley of death, rode the six hundred’ perhaps need no clarification, no explanation, no elucidation to understand the missionary zeal, and totally focussed unidirectional motivated resolution that makes a solder so different to others.
That my poor health prevented me to join the noblest profession, was, partly got compensated by my son and nephew who are now serving as Naval and Air force officer respectively. However personally I have had a good fortune and proud privilege to interact with uniformed officers during my service as a production officer in various defence production factories across India.
The live picture of brave JAWANS , boarding special trains ,cutting short their leave, to proceed towards border during 1965 and 1971 wars ,leaving behind their beloved ones in tears towards unknown destiny ,always gets re-telecasted in my memory forcing me to SALUTE the unknowns in gratitude. A NOBLEST PROFESSION OF NOBLEST CITIZEN.

Kolaveri Effect

Sub—-KOLAVARI –DI— effect.

India –vari, India- vari, Motherland-O, Mother land- THE
120 corer children-O, children-are BLOOD SUCKER JI

Head (Kashmir) me Problem- O, full of Tumour- O
AFSPA medicine blood clotting checking O
M O T H E R is bed – ridden- O ji

U.P -Eye vision Nil O Nil O
Maya grafting eyeball with big – big Stone O
M O T H E R is full blind-O ji

ENT (east-north-territory) problem –O Viral-disease –O
Doctor tell FOREIGN( CHINESE) – Infection-O
M O T H E R is deaf & dumb –O JI

Delhi Mother’s Chest-O, chest-O
Heart-lung total damage-O damage -O
Cancerous Corruption-Scam, Spread -O Spread -O
Doctor tell close your eyes -O Eyes- O.
M O T H E R days are limited O ji

ICU (TIHAR) full –o, MOTHER on the floor –O
Awaiting LOKEPAL-ji.

Kidney- Liver function nearly stop-O
Daily insulin for terrorist (Naxalite) attack –O
M O T H E R in dialysis -O ji

Lower part two legs (TN & Kerala) , cramp- O, cramp-O
Rambhu (Heavy) fighting for water supply –O
M O T H E R in Dehydration -O ji

C C T B (Cong-civil society-third party-BJP), Experts national DOCTOR—O
Diagnosis MURIYADE (Impossible)- what are Problem O.

Kolaveri Kolaveri Kolaveri DI

Whats My Name?

With Corruption in our mind ,Scam in our soul,
with our alliance doing their supporting role
Nobody on earth be it Annaji,Ramdevji or their mole
Can prevent us to reach our coveted GOAL.

2G, CWG, Swiss bank account ,
take care of our financial position
Cash for vote to save our GADDI
is our innovative latest edition.

Concession, compromise and appeasement
are our tools to lure
Community based vote will make
our success sure.

Vande Mataram, Bharat mata- ki- jay
we hardly utter
To keep community supporter
mentally flatter.

Stone throwing mob or HINDU eviction events at Kashmir
does not bother us much
Being spineless in nature ,we deploy a bunch of interlocutor
to provide a feathery touch.

Be it Chinese on border or Pakistan at J&K,
Our world famous foreign minister
with habitual misplaced statement
declares everything under control and OK.

Defence minister to show his control
gagged all top army boss of our land
Himself has started all the talking’s
which hardly anybody could understand

Cross-border terrorism or naxalite menace
do not disturb our Home minister to frown
since he has discovered besides RSS,VHP
a new element termed as HOME- GROWN.

We arranged RAHUL baba’s speech with innovative idea
in parliament session,
alas the naughty TV channel exposed that the original script
was of respected T.N SESHAN .

Afraid that MODI if not prevented would
defeat our nominee as PM in next election,
we, in anticipation flared up NITISH ego
by arranging a prestigious national recognition.

We sincerely wish and pray that year twenty fourteen
comes next to twenty eleven,
as with present set up we are tired
to clean our every day dirty linen .

Massacre of Hindu pilgrimage at Godhra
and subsequent riot we enjoyed the most,
because the incident helped us
to arrange all out attack on MODI’s post.

Our planted representatives are doing a superlative job
both at Karnataka and at Gujarat
with their innovative state- of- earth acumen
BJP govt will always be on mat.

MY NAME IS ——————

Daag Achchhe Hain (stains are good)

(DAAG -1) –When Anna ji was arrested and sent to TIHAR jail, I thought that the incident would perhaps mark the end of his movement, in view of the much more uncivilised treatment meted out to Ramdev ji by our not so intelligent government. On the contrary, the jail / detention term accelerated and created not only tremendous public sympathetic response but also transformed the movement into a national prestigious issue. Finally, Annaji came out as a national hero. Most surprisingly two other people, who managed to be present beside Anna inside jail, also achieved a BRIEF appreciation (?), for their documentary role as pious supporter of Anna. They are known as Mr RAVISHANKAR (affectionately called Sri-Sri) and Mr AGNIVESH (prefix SWAMY is available for use if you desire), who however could not sustain their TRP for long due to their inherent suspicious agenda.

(DAAG–2) Very few people knew about Mrs Kanimozhi, famous daughter of a famous father of an ill famous party, before charged on corruption and sent to TIHAR jail. During this period, thanks to our national TV and print media she got day night coverage, helping people even to memorise spelling of her not so easy name. Her release from jail and the subsequent celebration cum reception programmes at Delhi and later at Chennai, comparable to DUSSERA celebration.

(DAAG-3) In our political scenario, the names of Lalluji, Amarji, and Digvijayji are from a class of leaders known for their controversial / irrelevant /funny comments used as a break in between the live show of political TAMASHA. One of them, Mr AMAR, after his temporary jail term at TIHAR (under bail), got a tremendously highlighted lengthy LIVE –TV coverage at prime time, which forced the poor Indian viewers to bear the burden of SURMONS (PRAVACHAN) from horse’s mouth. His judicious talk about the system of corruption, and the unhygienic move to DEFAME his well earned reputation as a firebrand most honest politician and family friendship with AMITABHji, unnerved all of us to shed crocodile tears.
Therefore, the lesson is— DAAG of TIHAR jail is ACHCHHA for some.
Statutory Warning— DAAG IS NOT INJURIOUS TO REPUTATION. (Condition apply)

The Death Options.

After West Indies scored 269 in their second ODI at VIzac, and India to bat, WE (self and wife) went out for our routine walk on beach road with an idea to come back early to watch India batting. As we were about to return, somebody informed that India has already lost three wickets for 50 or so runs. Immediately we changed our plan and extended our walk up to the MA-KALI Temple at R K.Beach, to pray for our team’s better performance.
Happy on our victory, I expressed gratitude to god and retired to bed in tension free mode. After some time, I found myself sitting on HOT seat of KBC in front of MA KALI in place of Amitabh Bachhan, who asked me in Amitabh-ji’s voice—KAISE–MAROGE– TUM-JYOTI-(exactly matching -KAUN- BANEGA- CRORE- PATI).
No disturbance of MADAM TICK TICK.
Only one help line I MUST use-was –Phone INDIAN PARLIAMENT for majority opinion.
On my protest and explanation, that our Parliament being not in functional mode since long, the GOD laughed in appreciation of my intelligence and the help line was withdrawn.
After quick thought and after consuming two full glasses of water,( remember the episode? ) I finally announced that I prefer BOWLED to death in preference to other options.
The God consulted the COMPUTER, and after some agonising moments, asked me to explain and justify my answer.
I replied that in case of LBW, CAUGHT and RUN OUT the decision never comes out immediately.
There will be appeals from well-wishers for review resulting in action replay. Consequently, the case will remain in suspended animation until completion of all technological modern scans (experimental useless painful medication) to remove benefit of doubts. So suddenly being BOWLED   out is always preferable.
The GOD appeared convinced. She looked heavenwards probably to raise the finger. Suddenly SHE started shouting COVER—COVER –bring the cover, it is raining.
I WOKE up. Found myself feeling cold and pulling my bed cover. It was actually raining outside.
CAN BE VARIFIED FROM weather report of Visakhapatnam on 3rd morning.

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